Hello and welcome to Aquariums by Sissy
My name is Sissy Sathre, and I am the owner of Aquariums by Sissy.

I was born in Midland TX. , to my parents "Beech" and Kay Beauchamp. As a child I went to work with my parents who owned Midland Pawn and Coin. It was located on the corner of Beard, and Main St.. To occupy my time I spent a lot of time at the "Woolworths" store looking at the fish. At age 6, I had several 10 gallon aquariums. I begged for a larger aquarium for years, and when my parents found a used one it was a 50 gal. stainless steel / black tar glass aquarium with a stainless steel stand to match. It was my 9th birthday present, and I loved it! This was only the beginning of my passion for aquatic nature.

I got married in 1970, and moved away for a few years. I traveled a lot only to return to west TX. and the comforts of home and family.

I worked in several jobs, but never really liked any of them. So in 1979 I opened up " Davy Jones Fish Emporium" an all fish store. In 1986, Davy Jones closed its doors. People were moving out of Midland because the oil boom was over. I was buying back more fish than I was selling. As some say "don't say the word boom, because there is always a bust after it".

In 1986 I went to work managing the fish room at a locally owned pet store. Many of you will remember me from "The Pet Store " on Meta DR. in Midland, TX. I worked for the owner "Sam Stevens" for 10 years.

In 1996, I decided to open up a service for all the people I met at the pet store. This is when Aquariums by Sissy was born. I have spent my whole life learning about freshwater, saltwater fish, and invertebrates. I am still learning everyday. This is my love, my passion, and don't think I'll ever stop loving it.

If I can help you with any aquarium problems, please e-mail me .

Sincerely, Sissy Sathre