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This is a tank raised bulb anemone from DR. Fredrickson's reef, added on 7/18/05. Notice in the pic above it has split again, Barker now has two Bulb anemones.
Bulb Anemone
Bulb Anemone
This is a Cladiella added on 12/17/05, notice it's size in the right hand corner of the pic taken on 5/18/06
Hairy Mushrooms
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  Gary S. Barker    Barker Brown Investments, LLC.
Gary and Linda Barkers New Reef Ready Aquarium
                 220 gallon Reef Ready All-Glass

                     Installed 11/17/06
11/18/06.  We added Barkers live sand and old rock + 41 lb of cultured rock.  Actinic lights (4X96 wt. power compacts) running 10 hours a day and metal halides (400 X3) for 5 hours a day. This is so we don't burn anything under the new lighting, the old tank had  8 x 96 Power compacts. So all living things will have to adjust to the 1600 watts of the new tank.
11/19/06  We added 3 perculas that the Barker's had, and 1 pink skunk,1 maroon ,1 Fire ,and 1 Sebae.
We also added 3 bulb anemones(all come from one added last year), and 3 Cladellia soft corals (all come from one added last year).

11/26/06   We added all the rest of the Barkers Invertbrates.
Stoney corals,hammerhead, torch,soft-corals and mushrooms.
12/2/06 we added all of the barkers Tangs.
3 Purple tangs (one was in the old reef)
2 Yellow Tangs (one was in the old reef)
1 Yellow bellied,yellow-tail Regal Tang (was from the old reef)
1 Elegant Foxface from Red sea (from old reef)
1 Foxface  Regular from Indo (from old tank)
1 Coral banded Shrimp (new)
1 Lawn mower blenny (from old reef)
These pictures was added 2/26/07
These pictures was added 2/26/07
Please scroll down to see new 220 gal Reef Ready
June, 2007 after 8 months