Some of Our Clients' Tanks
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Oceanic 70 gallon bow-front
Motel Elegante' 2-260 gallon aquariums (520 gallons)
Oasis Bar and grill 90 gallon Hexagon
200 Gallon Dr. Niadu
200 Gal. reef Dr. Srivastava
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90 gallon Tall Freshwater community Midland memoral rehab
150 gallon reef ready Billy Perkins
150 gallon reef ready Tim Bryson
55 gallon fresh water community Gary Barker
Dr. Fregia 135 reef
Tim Bryson 55 gallon reef
150 gal. Cichlid  Karen Alexander
Janis Poindexter  Fresh water 20 gal. Bow front
Click here to see more of  this 300gal. Office reef
Linda and Gary Barkers 220 Reef
Slick Mullins  250 gallon reef
Norma Rose 135 gal. Reef
Troy Chestnut Freshwater community 55 gal.
Museum of the SW       55 gallon freshwater
Kim Gasser's 175 gallon Reef Aquarium