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Euphyllia divisa
What you see above is just a few variations of Frogspawn. Frogspawn being one of the hardiest and most beautiful LPS (large polyp stony) corals available to the hobbyist today, it's a perfect choice for a reef tank. It's beautiful,and easy to keep. The branching varieties are easy to propagate. It can also serve as a surrogate host to numerous clownfish species, due to the fact it bares a striking resemblance to some anemones. This coral requires a medium to high level of light (6+ watts per gallon) and low to medium current.Occasional feedings of small pieces of shrimp or brine and mysis shrimp can help this coral grow and prosper in any sized reef aquarium. So if your thinking about purchasing one of these corals for your reef, go ahead and enjoy this wonderful coral!