Kim Gasser  175 gallon Reef
This is how Kim's rock looked when she called us,most of her corals were choked out by hair algae. She could not keep the corals she bought alive and finally resorted to buying fake corals to give her aquarium color.
When she called us, referred by Dr. Fregia (thanks) . We decided to remove the rock ,scrub it, do a massive water change, add new skimmers, get the crushed coral out, add live sand, and new lighting. The company that sold and setup the aquarium , only had 300 watts of lighting, we increased it to 1000 watts of light. Date 3/20/07
A reef in recovery
The process of removing all the rock from the tank. Scrubbing it clean of algae , then removing all the crushed coral substract, and replacing it with live sand. Then finally replaceing the rock back after being cleaned with a toothbrush.  Yes the fish are still in there,just hiding.
After 4 hours of cleaning
The next day
After about 4 months of service , 8-8-07